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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Czech Republic: 15 grams or 5 plants not a criminal offense

There's a sense of hope among some in the cannabis community that 2010 might be the year where we start to see real change worldwide in the status of cannabis. Although the new year is not a week old yet there has already been some good signs,

In the Czech Republic on the first day of this new year, new decriminalisation quantities went into law, the decision to decriminalise small amounts of certain drugs happened late last year but confusion surrounding the amounts tolerated meant the government had to specify the amounts. Under the new laws possession of less than 15 grams or 5 plants of cannabis will not be a criminal offense:

You can check out the list of the amounts now tolerated in the Czech Republic on this webpage


  1. I wish that we would have decriminalization in the UK! What we need is proper legislation and taxation of Canabis and Canabis Seeds fast. Education is key. On and other sites you can find over 900 strains of cannabis freely available in the UK. These strains have various amounts of CBD and THC, although illegal to germinate and grow them, these plants could be used for various medicinal reasons, helping the terminal ill, Psychological Stressed people etc... Educating and research about the benefits of legalizing marijuana, safe use and growing(for personal consumption) would reduce the impact on the NHS and generate new revenue for the State...

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  3. I completely agree with you George. But still, there's long way to go as in numerous states Marijuana Cannabis has still not been legalized not even for medical use in small quantities.

  4. Yes, exactly, the Marijuana is not being legalized due to some illegal use of it. Legalization of Marijuana is very important to make available, the raw materials for some very useful medicine.

  5. yes raw Marijuana is very useful but it's excessive use may be dangerous foreign pharmacy

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