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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Global Marijuana March 2009. Lets go marching

For some the Global Marijuana March is a day they would not miss, while some will have or will only become aware of its existence for the first time this year. So what is the Global Marijuana March and what can you do once you've heard of this event? Apart from attending of course.

While there has been marches and other events against cannabis prohibition for many years in various countries, the Global Marijuana March in its current format began in 1999 and some cities will be holding their 10th event this coming May, while some like in Cork in Ireland will be holding their first. Some of the well known organisers since 1999 include Dana Beal, a social and political activist who runs the website and who has been involved in the cannabis movement for decades. The Cannabis Culture Magazine and its contributors such as Marc Emery as well as other famous faces from the cannabis scene have also played their part in making the Global Marijuana March what it is today, along with every single person who has turned up and shown their support and who will I hope continue to show their support for as long as it takes.

According to the organisers themselves over 544 cities from 54 nations have signed up since 1999, thus showing the strength this march has and no doubt in the coming years the number of cities and nations involved will continue to grow as more and more people realise that cannabis prohibition just does not work. The Global Marijuana March is a celebration embracing cannabis culture as a personal lifestyle choice and is a day out where you can meet like minded people in mass, something which is not always possible when cannabis users are treated like criminals. Participants at the events and the groups behind the marches unite to promote cannabis as the medicine it is, how prohibition is a failure and more, the events are also to entertain and educate both consumers and non-consumers alike.

Its well under two months until it will be that time of the year for the worldwide cannabis community to unite and to call on their governments to end the unjust cannabis laws. In early May of this year, either on the first or second Saturday of the month over 200 cities across the globe will take part in the annual event, recreational and medical users and even non cannabis users who see prohibition as a failure will turnout in mass globally to voice their opinion. The event is also known as the worldwide marijuana march or even the million marijuana march and some cities have local names for it like J-Day etc. Depending on the location and size of the protests events range from marching/rallies to concerts and festivals and much more. At some of the events around the globe crowds of thousands are expected, last year in Toronto around 15,000 people reportedly attended the march.

Having taken part in my first march last year and from reports, videos and photos of other marches I can say that it is generally a great day for cannabis lovers, regardless if it is for recreational or medical users, regardless if you are a long time activist or taking your first steps as one, even non cannabis users can enjoy the atmosphere that comes with the event. For many of us it is the only day you will be surrounded by as many like minded people at the one time, the feeling is unique. While it varies from country to country and even city to city these events usually go down without any problems from law enforcement, the marches are legal, peaceful, fun and there seems to be a smell in the air and a cloud of smoke. But it is a pro cannabis event so I think law enforcement should be expecting some if not all the protesters to light one up. Of course if one chooses to he does so at his own risk.

If you are attending your nearest event and possibly helping out with it then kudos to you, if you want to help with the protest then organizers you will be happy to know are usually grateful for the help. So once you find out where the nearest event is then speak with like minded people on forums, download and print fliers or get some from the organizers and spread the message about the events. Even if you can only contribute a few hours from now until the day of the march it does not matter as every little helps.

The events are not too far off, so now is the time for the promotion of the events to be pushed further. If you want to spread awareness of the marches then tell your friends offline and online, even if they live thousands of miles away as their might be an event near them, so getting talking, texting and e-mailing now. We can use social networking websites like Bebo, Facebook, Myspace etc. to put information up on the marches on our personal pages and also by sending out messages to our friends. Online forums and websites are also great places to make people aware of the march, most cannabis forums probably have some discussion of the topic already but if not then get posting. There are many ways we can promote the march and we all need to play our part.

Cannabis prohibition is a failure and over the first two weekends of May this year we have a chance to voice our opinions! Like I said the Global Marijuana March for many of us is an unique day and a great social event that will become a regular thing for many.... so get involved now!

More information:
To see a list of cities involved this year visit and
To see a list of the cities that have been involved since 1999 visit


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  3. Bold and insightful post; The authors clarity on the issue of hemp activism and the truth it brings to bear on the prospects for the future give us all reason for hope. The question is: Are people ready to hear the good news yet? I for one AM!

    Kudos again to the author.

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