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Friday, July 31, 2009

Worldwide Rallies For "The Prince of Pot" Marc Emery

Join 'The Worldwide Rally For The Prince of Pot', and show your support for Marc Emery, the marijuana activist who is going to prison in the United States for FIVE YEARS for selling marijuana seeds.

The rally will be on the Saturday prior to the day of his sentencing in Seattle, US, expected in October.




Marc Emery is a marijuana activist, Vancouver store owner, and editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine who was raided by the DEA in 2005 and arrested for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet. After fighting extradition to the United States for four years, Marc has been forced to cut a deal that will likely see him in an American prison for five years. Once the deal is made, Marc will be sentenced sometime in October.

Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture and are calling for worldwide protests on the SATURDAY prior to the day of Marc's sentencing, to be announced. We hope to enlist the help of volunteers and planners around that will coordinate demonstrations in cities around the globe.

Marc hopes to see at least 420 demonstrations all over the world - as in, four hundred and twenty villages, towns, cities, islands, and communities with a protest on Marc's behalf, in at least 42 countries. Marc has Facebook friends in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States, Canada, Iceland, Vietnam, South Africa, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, and several other nations.

In Canada, Marc would like his supporters from every community in the country to hold a rally at their local Government of Canada building. The government of Canada is responsible for the marijuana prohibition as well as signing off on Marc's extradition. We are hoping for organizers to come forward to host major rallies in support of Marc at US consulates in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and the US Embassy in Ottawa.

In the United States, we hope for a rally in all 50 States in as many cities and towns at main courthouses, DEA offices, Justice Dept. offices, or a main intersections for maximum visibility to your community.

Across the globe, we hope for a rally in every country we can find a supporter to lead a rally, wherever on the earth they may be, at Canadian embassies or consulates, courthouses, or main intersections.

Those interested can help by planning a rally and organizing with others in their community. Please contact Cannabis Culture (604-689-0590) or Marc directly ( if you would like to be a leader of a rally Marc Emery's name, or help with such a rally in your community, or would attend or make signs.

Over 40 demonstrations were held around the world on September 10, 2005 to protest Marc's arrest for extradition to the United States, including Moscow, Prague, Wellington, Sydney, Mexico City, Paris, London.

Cannabis Culture has these articles on holding a pot-protest or rally:

Rally Tools:

Signs suggestions:

* Free Marc Emery * Free Anti-Prohibition Activist Marc Emery

* Free Cannabis Culture Leader Marc Emery

* DEA out of __________ (your country or town here)

* End Prohibition * No More Drug War

The purpose of signs is to stir the mind of any passersby who might google 'Marc Emery', 'Prohibition', or 'Drug War'.

It is important to inform your local media of the rally and its purpose, why you support Marc Emery. Tell them the extradition of a non-violent Canadian to an American prison is WRONG! Address the fact the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) is in your country also, and should be expelled.

Find out why Marc is cutting a deal with US prosecutors:

Find out more about Marc's fight against extradition:

To help Marc further, all supporters are encouraged to write a polite, sensitive letter to his sentencing judge, Ricardo Martinez, in the federal court in Seattle, pleading for leniency.

Send letters to: Honorable Ricardo S. Martinez U.S. Courthouse 700 Stewart Street Seattle, WA 98101

Find out more about
Judge Martinez here:



1. The country, city, and location of the rally you would like to hold.
2. An email address others can contact you at.
3. Any Facebook, MySpace, or website pages for the rally.

Send all emails to

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