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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Whole Michael Phelps Issue

I did not think I would but I have...

First let me just say I was not going to write on this issue and not because it's not an important issue but because it's been blown totally out of proportion. But not just by the media but the online cannabis community is slightly guilty too. Here's my thoughts

Was he wrong to smoke cannabis?
Of course not! He like any other human being on this planet should have the right to use cannabis. It just happens that most countries frown on people using cannabis for recreational or medicinal use (not that it stops us) and also that the media like to see people taken down a notch.

Was he wrong to apologize for his cannabis use?

Yes and no. Yes because he could have used his fame and mass media appeal to advocate cannabis. No because he has a career to think of and at 23 while he is rich enough to retire I am sure he would like to achieve more. While he might enjoy cannabis I am sure swimming is his first love and I think overall while he might have deep down liked to have said cannabis is okay he had his career and hopes to think of

The Facts:
Michael Phelps is a 23 year old American swimmer, Phelps has won 16 Olympic medals,six gold and two bronze at Athens in 2004, and eight gold at Beijing in 2008. As you all probably know only recently there was a photo of him using a bong (a Roor bong I believe) was published by a British tabloid

Okay look here:
The media and the people complaining about Phelps are the same one's who believe cannabis makes you lazy, Okay just Google his work out regime and look at what he has done in the pool. That disproves that I guess. Those same people might believe cannabis ruins your lungs, okay look at a video on you tube or something will you because something I noticed and television commentators pointed out is that from the dive in to the pool to when the swimmers resurface, Phelps was constantly down for longer, deeper which gave him not only a better start in the race but shows he has a good lung capacity. I could go on and on but I will not because I did not even want to write about this subject. not the media who are trying to brand him as an evil cannabis user (like all cannabis users) and who are trying to see him taken down a peg seems to forget that Michael Phelps pretty much contradicts how they would describe a cannabis user. The guy is successful in his chosen career, he has broken world records and much more so fucking what if he likes to relax after a hard day (look at his training regime) with a bong of some plant material that has been around longer then you and I and will outlast you or I, by thousands of years.

He is not alone in the athletic world:
I will not ramble on about whom but Rob Van Dam (the wrestler) is a prime example of an athlete using cannabis to ease the strain of training and there is many more. Plus Cannabis is not really performance enhancing for much sports unless you class a food eating contest as a sport. Anyway regardless if your an athlete or not, you and I deserve the right to use cannabis sensibly.


Yes they dropped him and they were wrong for doing it I think but I think it was probably because they were scared and reacted too quickly, plus they did not expect the backlash from the worldwide cannabis community and for the story to be blown out of proportion by the media. His endorsers Visa have promised to stick by him maybe due to the backlash from the cannabis community but probably not and Subway have unsurprisingly promised to stick by him. You see Subway unlike Kelloggs realize that cannabis users like food, a lot! While I am not too fond of Subway myself I am sure there is cannabis users who love the place (or any other fast-food chain for that matter if even secretly).

The Cannabis Communities Backlash:

There has has been websites created, blogs created and a popular Facebook community created and even the self titled "Prince Of Pot" Marc Emery (No Extradition I say) has had his say. The online forums and chat rooms have been buzzing with topics and conversations on Boycotting Kelloggs. First off I do not think I will be boycotting Kelloggs, why? because I like some of their cereal. Part of me feels though that the cannabis community (hell I've even had my opinion which your reading) are a little guilty of blowing the whole thing out of proportion. There is other issues regarding cannabis, that need to be blown out of proportion if you ask me and more awareness needs to be spread. BUT I will say that if someone becomes part of the cannabis community by hearing or reading about the boycott on Kelloggs products then that is a good thing. So yes I am undecided

That's it I'm done, the rants over. I am bored of this issue lets move on already.


  1. We go after Phelps for hitting a bong but award presidential cabinet positions to tax cheats. Go figure.

    S. Monkey

  2. Gee... you mean if I smoke pot I might end up just like him: ONE OF THE GREATEST OLYMPIANS OF ALL TIME! The man is a fish for sure. Unfortunately, fish don't have balls. And he is no exception. He should have taken the opportunity to say pot is relatively harmless -- instead of acting like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  3. I did a post at my blog comparing Phelps to Obama.

    Phelps was caught and admitted it. The other was not caught, but did admit it, and he is now president (I wonder if Kellogg's would endorse Barack Obama?).

    Sorry, no hypocrisy here.

    As for Phelps, he should have stood up to Kelloggs and when I saw his crying video apology to China, well, as a previous poster said, he has no balls.

    He whipped every person's ass in the pool, as a marijuana user, and he is going to apologize to THEM? Really?

    No balls? More like a big pussy.

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