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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Medical Marijuana: A summary and an opinion

The cannabis plant has a long history of being used as a medicine in many cultures and there has been many positive studies involving the use of cannabis as a medicine. It has helped the life's of sick people but still many countries reject the idea cannabis has any medical value

What Is Medical Marijuana?:

Medical Marijuana refers to the use of cannabis/marijuana as a herbal therapy and also the use of synthetic THC and cannabinoids.

A Brief History:
The first use of cannabis as a medicine is hard to pinpoint but in China its believed its been used as a medicine for around 4000 years, Egyptian texts like Ebers Papyrus and the Ramesseum III Papyrus, both from over 1000 years BC describe medical marijuana. Other cultures also have references to medical marijuana from texts thousands of years old. In modern medicine cannabis was used more in western civilization from the 19th century onwards following experiments and promotion from Irish doctor William Brooke O'Shaughnessy. The creation of aspirin is considered by some to be responsible for the decline of the use of cannabis as a medicine, along with the anti-cannabis campaign in the early part of 20th century, with movies like Reefer Madness cannabis went from medicine to a drug that makes you insane. In more recent times only a few countries recognize cannabis as a medicine and there is some pharmaceutical companies looking into the many compounds within the plant for medicinal purposes.

Lots of countries class cannabis as having no medicinal value so Medical Marijuana is only available in either herbal or synthetic form in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and in 13 states of the US. The laws are different in all countries with medical marijuana and gaining access maybe difficult. You will need a doctor's recommendation so your doctor is the best person to speak to if you live somewhere where medical cannabis might be available for you. The situation in the US is complicated with the 13 states having passed state laws, but medical marijuana is not recognized by federal law. This means patients who use and grow medical marijuana legally under state law still have to live in fear of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raiding and possibly arresting them. As I spoke about before, there is hope that thing will change under the new president but only time will tell

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for years for pain relief and is considered especially good for relieving neuropathic pain (pain from nerve damage). Cannabis also helps with nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, and movement disorders, cannabis is also a powerful appetite stimulant and is specifically good for patients suffering from HIV and other illnesses that reduce your appetite. Some newer research finds cannabis properties may protect the body against some types of malignant tumors and are neuroprotective. There is many more uses for cannabis medically and no doubt further research will show more benefits of the plant.

It should be easy to say that the future of cannabis being used as a medicine is bright but with most countries worldwide rejecting the idea that cannabis has any medical value it makes progress much harder. I hope soon more countries and all the states of the USA will have access to medical cannabis. Awareness needs to be spread about the medical value of cannabis as there is more people who could benefit from the plant.The use of cannabis as a medicine is nothing new and the fact that some pharmaceutical companies are looking closely at the plant and some of its compounds does not surprise me. Since they cannot patent a plant those looking into making money from the plant will look at making a synthetic version that they can make millions of. It would be easier and better for the patients simply to grow their own medicine but of then how would the pharmaceutical companies make money then?

People might argue that smoking your medicine is not a healthy way of taking medicine, but with the vaporizers available on the market for healthy inhalation and the fact you can make edible or drinkable goodies form cannabis or a hemp oil then cannabis does not need to be smoked.

The difference among recreational use and medical use of cannabis needs to be recognized by more people. While I believe that a responsible adult should have the right to use cannabis recreationally, I do think that there should be no doubt about allowing a sick person use a plant with a long history of medical value should be accepted and legal. What might be considered just the munchies by a recreational user is for some medical users the difference between having an appetite or not.

Cannabis has a great potential as a medicine and more awareness, and acceptance is needed. Read up and spread the word

If you would like more information on the medical use of cannabis and to read studies and more on the subject then please check out the following websites. There is plenty of more information out there.

Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Technical Problems

Hey all,
Sorry for not posting recently as for the past two days I have had problems with the laptop but everything seems fine now, I think.

New rant coming real soon, I promise.


Monday, February 16, 2009

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is this the end of chemical cannabis?

The end of “chemical cannabis”

First, let me explain by what I mean by Chemical Cannabis. This is the name given to legal cannabis alternatives like the popular Spice. Spice and others under different names are sold in head shops (smart shops/head stores/hemp shops etc.) around the globe. It is usually sold as incense and I have even seen a not for human consumption print on a packet of a brand before. However, nobody I know uses it as Incense. Yours truly has tried a few of the alternatives and enjoyed one or two somewhat. Ultimately I will admit if you want a cannabis-like high, then use cannabis, responsibly.

Products falling under the “Chemical Cannabis” category have been around since around 2002 and became popular quickly as some enjoy the affects and its often cheaper than buying the same weight of herbal cannabis. But the problem with its legality came around after a German Pharmaceutical company THC Pharm, a company that makes medicines for cannabis, found an ingredient known as JWH-018 in Spice and similar products. A string of companies in the past few years had been looking at the products to find the active ingredients, which are always listed as being herbal on the packets or Website relating to the product. What is JWH-018?

JWH-018 is a synthetic cannabinoid, which has pain relieving affects and an effect similar to THC, which as you should know is one psychoactive substance in Cannabis. JWH-018 was created by John W. Huffman, an organic chemist studying in South Carolina. Huffman had said his goal when making the substance had been to find a simple compound to study structure-receptor relationships. JWH-018 has not been licensed anywhere worldwide for medical applications and very little is known about the affects it has on humans. This substance along with others was found to be in the products.

The report from THC Pharma came out on December 15th 2008 and Austria was quick to react banning Spice and similar products on December 18th. Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands has also banned the products while it looks likely other countries may follow suit soon in the coming months, even if its just them hopping on the bandwagon. Some users have said they had ill affects but I guess that goes with anything from cannabis to alcohol to even nicotine, different strokes for different folks as they say. Overall, it seems these products are safe enough but like cannabis they shall become outlawed. Personally, outlawing these products because they have a synthetic THC in them is not an issue, but the continued outlaw of a plant because THC is one of its active ingredients is enough to make one angry.

The whole situation is in my eyes just another swipe at the alternative high suppliers around the globe, aimed at disrupting or closing down the businesses. Party Pills and smoking products are being banned worldwide which I have to admit I find funnier more than anything else. It is funny because the result is the governments lose the tax income and people who enjoy these products may return to cannabis or other illegal drugs and make the criminal gangs even more money.

Once again, most governments have taken an issue and just squashed it without thinking of alternative means, which would benefit those it governs.

Some may applaud the people who found a loophole in the laws and managed to sell a product that contains an ingredient claimed to be five times more potent than THC, some may say it is better to see the end of these products. Regardless it could be the end of these products worldwide so if you are a fan keep yourself up to date and maybe buy in bulk. Then ask your local head shop (smart shop) to do more pro-cannabis campaigning instead of selling the alternatives and try not to smoke poor quality cannabis if you return to the real deal.

For me from now until the end, there is no and will be no alternative to Cannabis, not for recreational users in the form of “incense” and not for medical users in the form of tablets or sprays made from a compound of the plant.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Whole Michael Phelps Issue

I did not think I would but I have...

First let me just say I was not going to write on this issue and not because it's not an important issue but because it's been blown totally out of proportion. But not just by the media but the online cannabis community is slightly guilty too. Here's my thoughts

Was he wrong to smoke cannabis?
Of course not! He like any other human being on this planet should have the right to use cannabis. It just happens that most countries frown on people using cannabis for recreational or medicinal use (not that it stops us) and also that the media like to see people taken down a notch.

Was he wrong to apologize for his cannabis use?

Yes and no. Yes because he could have used his fame and mass media appeal to advocate cannabis. No because he has a career to think of and at 23 while he is rich enough to retire I am sure he would like to achieve more. While he might enjoy cannabis I am sure swimming is his first love and I think overall while he might have deep down liked to have said cannabis is okay he had his career and hopes to think of

The Facts:
Michael Phelps is a 23 year old American swimmer, Phelps has won 16 Olympic medals,six gold and two bronze at Athens in 2004, and eight gold at Beijing in 2008. As you all probably know only recently there was a photo of him using a bong (a Roor bong I believe) was published by a British tabloid

Okay look here:
The media and the people complaining about Phelps are the same one's who believe cannabis makes you lazy, Okay just Google his work out regime and look at what he has done in the pool. That disproves that I guess. Those same people might believe cannabis ruins your lungs, okay look at a video on you tube or something will you because something I noticed and television commentators pointed out is that from the dive in to the pool to when the swimmers resurface, Phelps was constantly down for longer, deeper which gave him not only a better start in the race but shows he has a good lung capacity. I could go on and on but I will not because I did not even want to write about this subject. not the media who are trying to brand him as an evil cannabis user (like all cannabis users) and who are trying to see him taken down a peg seems to forget that Michael Phelps pretty much contradicts how they would describe a cannabis user. The guy is successful in his chosen career, he has broken world records and much more so fucking what if he likes to relax after a hard day (look at his training regime) with a bong of some plant material that has been around longer then you and I and will outlast you or I, by thousands of years.

He is not alone in the athletic world:
I will not ramble on about whom but Rob Van Dam (the wrestler) is a prime example of an athlete using cannabis to ease the strain of training and there is many more. Plus Cannabis is not really performance enhancing for much sports unless you class a food eating contest as a sport. Anyway regardless if your an athlete or not, you and I deserve the right to use cannabis sensibly.


Yes they dropped him and they were wrong for doing it I think but I think it was probably because they were scared and reacted too quickly, plus they did not expect the backlash from the worldwide cannabis community and for the story to be blown out of proportion by the media. His endorsers Visa have promised to stick by him maybe due to the backlash from the cannabis community but probably not and Subway have unsurprisingly promised to stick by him. You see Subway unlike Kelloggs realize that cannabis users like food, a lot! While I am not too fond of Subway myself I am sure there is cannabis users who love the place (or any other fast-food chain for that matter if even secretly).

The Cannabis Communities Backlash:

There has has been websites created, blogs created and a popular Facebook community created and even the self titled "Prince Of Pot" Marc Emery (No Extradition I say) has had his say. The online forums and chat rooms have been buzzing with topics and conversations on Boycotting Kelloggs. First off I do not think I will be boycotting Kelloggs, why? because I like some of their cereal. Part of me feels though that the cannabis community (hell I've even had my opinion which your reading) are a little guilty of blowing the whole thing out of proportion. There is other issues regarding cannabis, that need to be blown out of proportion if you ask me and more awareness needs to be spread. BUT I will say that if someone becomes part of the cannabis community by hearing or reading about the boycott on Kelloggs products then that is a good thing. So yes I am undecided

That's it I'm done, the rants over. I am bored of this issue lets move on already.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Medical Marijuana user says police need further education on his medicine

Medical Marijuana user says police need further education on his medicine

A Canadian medical marijuana user who has had his license from Health Canada to legally use marijuana for the past three years is calling for further education for the police force after discovering officers that arrested him were unaware of the license. A license from Health Canada entitles a medical marijuana user to carry 150 grams of cannabis, or the equivalent of one month’s supply, at any time and to grow for medical use. Only around 2,000 people in Canada currently have a license from Health Canada.

On February 4th in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada a medical marijuana user who only wants to be called James was pulled over by Police officers. During what was referred to as a routine stop, James while searching for his driving documents took three grams of marijuana out of his glove box and placed it on the seat beside him. After stepping out of his truck and following police procedure to place his arms on the vehicle, James informed the officers of his license and he even produced it for them.

James was searched and placed in the back of the police cruiser for around 20 minutes while the officers searched his truck for more marijuana. None was found and James was eventually allowed to go home, James later told a reporter for the Leader-Post that it was the worst feeling he had in his life after being treated like a criminal. The next day after the incident James went to the police station to file a complaint as he wants to raise awareness about medical marijuana. To his shock James found out at the station that the officers had no idea what the license card was, which is strange considering it legally allows people with the card to carry and grow marijuana.

Lara Guzik Rostad a spokeswoman for Regina Police Service there aren’t any rules specific to medical marijuana and traffic stops, and officers must consider many factors. Regina police currently do not have in-house training specific to medical cannabis the spokeswomen also told the Leader-Post reporter.

Yes it’s true an officer stopping someone and seeing or smelling marijuana cannot tell if the person in question is a medical or recreational user of marijuana but you would like to think that police officers are aware of the laws they protect. I think its especially important they are aware of laws that protect sick people, a law that allows them much needed medicine.

While marijuana is only recognized in a few countries around the world as a legitimate medicine it is vital where the law actually protects ill people that those who enforce the laws are aware of the laws.

One thing is for certain though, at least James has a license to carry his marijuana because if this happened somewhere else to a medical user without permission to use his medicine things could have been worse than around 20 minutes spent in the back of a police cruiser.

That is not to say I justify this medical marijuana user being treated like a criminal. I also cannot find it acceptable that police officers are unaware of this license and I feel more education on medical marijuana is badly needed globally.

Friday, February 6, 2009

White House vows to end DEA raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries

White House vows to end DEA raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries

During his campaign and since presidency began one word has surrounded the new US president Barrack Obama, change. Some people in the US and worldwide observers genuinely believe change will come but only time will tell. One thing is for sure is that the medical marijuana users in the 13 states that have passed laws making medical marijuana legal must have been pleased to hear that one change Obama was set to make was the ending of DEA raids of medical marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries which provide medicine for sick people, places that are legit under state law but not under federal law have been under pressure from the DEA especially under George Bush’s eight years in office.

Those in the cannabis community who felt Obama would bring change must have been disheartened when within the first two weeks of him taking office there was four raids on dispensaries in Los Angeles. In the four raids which took place all in the one day 200 kg (400 pounds) of cannabis, edible cannabis products and about $10,000 in cash was confiscated according to a DEA spokeswoman.

In this day and age with the Internet and other means of connecting with people the cannabis activists were quick to respond and pressure has been piled on to Obama and others to end the raids in the wake of the raids. While there was many reasons for the concern, one reason was considering the new president said last year that if he was president he would not waste law enforcement resources undermining state medical marijuana laws and then for this (the DEA raids) to happen seems to show there maybe no change.

In a statement on February 5th from White House Spokesman Nick Shapiro reacted to new Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raids at medical cannabis collectives in California, saying he expects President Obama to end that policy when a new DEA Administrator is seated. Now this may seem like news to make those in the cannabis community jump for joy but is it really that simple?

Stopping the DEA from raiding dispensaries is not making medical marijuana legal in the US but it's likely to be seen by Obama’s opposition in government as a wrong move, especially considering some of the politicians stance on the devil weed.

With the current economic crisis and other issues the new president is unlikely anytime soon to make drastic changes or even consider drastic changes to marijuana laws, even if he does plan to make changes there is unlikely anything to happen soon with other issues taking priority. But if he did at least stop the DEA raids on the dispensaries he will have done a lot more in a matter of weeks in power than Bush who’s DEA administration is still in place did in his eight years in power. I hope it would be a sign of better things to come as far as medical marijuana users and their rights go, it could raise the possibility of some changes (that word again) during Obama’s presidency, though I would not start holding my breathe just yet.

I guess we will know just how likely change will take place by the amount of time it takes for him to change things in the DEA. If it happens soon it could be taken as a good sign but the longer it goes on with the Bush administration in control the more likely things will stay the same, despite any promises made.

Let's keep in mind this was a promise made while on the campaign trail.


Who's Warlock?
I am Brian aka Warlock. I'm a 23 year old male who has many loves in his life and cannabis or marijuana as those in the US and other parts call it. I am pro cannabis and I think the laws need to be changed.

I think too many recreational users worldwide are arressted or harrased for using a plant that has been around for thousands of years and is safer than anything most governments find acceptable, alcohol, tobacco, caffenie, prescription drugs etc.

I can't even begin to tell you my disdain when I hear/read that medical users of cannabis get arrested or have their house raided all because they choose to use a medincine that works for them. Cannabis has so many medicinal uses yet so many people are ignorant to what a plant like Cannabis can really do for us.

Oh and lets not forget about Hemp. A plant that could solve many of the worlds problems and could and should be used to tackle global warming

What Will You Read Here?

On this blog you will read my thoughts on cannabis/marijuana related topics, you can read my opinions on news stories etc. and god knows what else will pop up here in the future